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Using the Publish Changes and Publish All buttons to publish in Store Editor

Note: The new Publish Changes and Publish All buttons in Store Editor are being released to stores in phases. If you see only one Publish button in your Store Editor, this feature has not yet been released for your store.

The new Publish Changes button in Store Editor provides a new incremental page generation capability for your online store, allowing you to decrease total page generation and publish time by generating only the pages you've made changes to since your last store publish.

The Publish All button replaces the former Publish button. This option generates and publishes all of your store pages.

The Publish Changes and Publish All buttons in Store Editor

Please note that a publish of all store pages will still be performed. However, by not generating all pages before publishing, the Publish Changes option can decrease overall publish time.


When is a full publish (all pages generated and published) required?


A full publish is required:

  • The first time a store is published after the Publish Changes feature is enabled
  • When variables, templates, and types are updated
  • When Catalog Manager tables are modified
  • When a parent section is modified or deleted


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