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Yahoo Search Marketing Account ID

Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) transitioned to the Microsoft Advertising adCenter in 2010. YSM advertisers continued to manage their YSM campaigns by signing into their YSM account until late October 2010.

Your Sponsored Search Account ID and Scripthost Name are required to generate the conversion tags that will be inserted into your store pages. The value entered should exactly match the account number and scripthost name of your Yahoo Sponsored Search account, including any capitalization and special characters. If you enter an incorrect account number or scripthost name, the tags will still be generated and placed on your transaction completion page, but will not function properly.

You can find your Account ID embedded in the Conversion tag displayed near the bottom of the Analytics Settings page of your new Sponsored Search account.

To set up your Sponsored Search Conversion Tags in your Yahoo Store:

Step 1—Copy your Account Number

  1. Log in to your Sponsored Search account.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. Click the Analytics link in the top menu bar.
  4. Ensure analytics have been enabled and and Conversion-only Analytics is selected.
  5. Find the code near the bottom of the page that begins with <SCRIPT>. Highlight and copy (Ctrl + C) your Account Number, the alphanumeric set of characters embedded in your Conversion tag.(Example: var ysm_accountid = "A0B1C2D3E4F5G6H7I8J9K10L11") (see figure 1).
  6. Return to the Search Marketing page in your Store Manager.

Figure 1: Sponsored Search Analytics Settings showing where to find Account ID and Scripthost Name.

Step 2—Add your Account ID

  1. Select Sponsored Search Conversion Only Analytics.
  2. Paste (Ctrl + V) your Account ID into the Yahoo Search Marketing Account ID field.
  3. Proceed to the next step of copying and inserting the Scripthost Name.

Step 3—Copy and add your Scripthost Name

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 listed in Step 1.
  2. Find the code near the bottom of the page that begins with <SCRIPT>. Highlight and copy (Ctrl + C) the scripthost name (the group of characters similar to a website name and ending in .com) located in parenthesis immediately after the text "SRC=//" + "(see figure 1).
  3. Paste (Ctrl + V) the Scripthost Name into the Scripthost Name field.
  4. Click Update. (The browser returns to the Store Manager.)

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