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False Reports of Phishing sites for visitors using Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 includes a "phishing filter" feature to help identify sites that match a profile of "phishing" sites (sites that attempt to get visitors to enter login information). This filter appears to falsely identify some Yahoo store pages as "phishing sites".

What You Can Do as a Merchant
Microsoft acknowledges in the Frequently Asked Questions page that sites can be falsely identified as phishing sites and provides a means for site owners to submit a request to correct a warning or block.

For the question "One of the sites I visit is being flagged by Phishing Filter, but it's not a phishing website. What can I do?", Microsoft provides the following answer:

If you believe that a website has been mistakenly flagged as a phishing site, do the following:

To report errors to Microsoft
  1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to the website that is inaccurately being reported as a phishing website.
  3. Click the Tools button, click Phishing Filter, and then click Report This Website.
  4. Use the webpage that is displayed to report the error.

You will need to report warnings and blocks using the process provided by Microsoft. You may also wish to link directly to this document from your site so buyers seeing this error know that there is a problem with the phishing filter and not with your store.

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