How do I report spam from a Yahoo Merchant Solutions store?

Mass distribution of unsolicited email messages (or "Spamming") violates the Yahoo Small Business Terms of Service and we are taking actions to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you receive an unwanted email message that appears to have come from a Yahoo Merchant Solutions store, please report the incident to us. To help us evaluate the complaint, please include the following information in your report:

1. Original subject line -- Please forward the email with a subject identical to the original subject.

2. Complete header information -- Some email programs may display abbreviated or partial header information.

3. Complete message body -- Please include the complete, unedited content of the email message in question. Please do not change or edit the message in any way.

If reports of email abuse are missing any one of these three items, it may take longer for the Yahoo Abuse Team to properly investigate and take appropriate action. We appreciate your efforts in reporting this abuse to Yahoo. Please note: We will need you to forward a copy of the message, as we do not currently accept attachments.

Please send your report of spam using the Yahoo Small Business Abuse Form.

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