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If you're already selling online, Yahoo Merchant Solutions makes it easy to switch.

Switching Checklist How We Help
1. Understand the switching process.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions streamlines your move with extensive support resources like 24-7 toll-free phone support.

2. Save your product information and pictures to your desktop. Before you shut down your old store, be sure to retain any product images, graphics, HTML pages, and important emails that you'd like to keep. If you don't save these files before you close your old store, you may not be able to reuse them in your Yahoo Merchant Solutions store.
3. Move your product information to Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

To set up your new store, you'll need to move your product information to Yahoo Merchant Solutions. You can do this by importing a file with all of your product information or by manually typing in the information.

There are three ways to move your product information:

Option 1: If you already have your product descriptions, prices, and other product information stored in a spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel) or database (like Access or a database built into your ecommerce application), the fastest way to move your data is to:

  1. Export your existing list of product information as a .CSV file, a format common to spreadsheets and databases like Microsoft Excel and Access.
  2. Map your existing data to the fields required in Yahoo Merchant Solutions. The easiest way to do this is to upload one product and then download the file. You can then see what data Yahoo Merchant Solutions requires, and can reformat your file to have the same column headers.
  3. Upload your .CSV file to Yahoo Merchant Solutions with all of your products.

Option 2: If your product information is only stored in your existing web pages (because you built the pages yourself using HTML or a site building tool) you can use a similar process:

  1. Cut and paste your product descriptions, captions, and prices from your site into a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.
  2. Save the file in .CSV format and follow the same steps we outlined above.
Option 3: If you can't access your old product information or if you want to start over, you can manually enter your product information into the Store Editor.
4. Move your site design or design a new online store.

Move over your site as is or create a new site design with our powerful tools, our developer network, or your favorite third-party site tools.

You have several options for building your pages.

Option 1: Keep your existing website pages:

  1. Add your product information to the Catalog Manager.
  2. Save your old product web page files and any associated graphics, images, or style sheets to your desktop.
  3. Cut and paste Store Tags into your web pages, so you can pull and display product information from your product database and your web pages can be automatically updated whenever you change product information in your product database. Learn more about Store Tags.
  4. Upload these revised pages to your Yahoo Merchant Solutions account.

Option 2: Create a new website design:

If you want to improve on your old design or completely redesign your store, use our powerful Store Editor tool to build a distinctive online store. The Store Editor automatically creates search-engine optimized web pages in minutes for every product you have in your product catalog, without having to build the pages one at a time and without any programming.

The Store Editor also creates your site structure so it's organized and easy to navigate. For example, the Store Editor can build individual product web pages for each digital camera that you sell and also create a digital camera product category page where customers can see all your digital cameras in one place.

Option 3: Have a new store designed for you:

Tap into our extensive Developer Network* to have professional designers or developers build a new online store that looks just the way you want. Get professional assistance for a quick start. Then take over managing your store with our easy-to-use tools.

5. Prepare your shopping cart, checkout pages, and payment processing.

Complete your store setup process by choosing your shipping options, tax rates, and online payment processing provider.

  • Choose the shipping options, shipping rates, and tax rates for your site to finish configuring your store.
  • Specify single-page or multi-page checkout and personalize your checkout fields so you can continue to collect the same information.
  • Use your own merchant account if it is compatible with the FDMS Nashville payment gateway or easily apply for a new account with our partner, Bank of America Merchant Services. You can also use your existing account to process transactions offline. Learn how to set up your existing merchant account in Yahoo Merchant Solutions.
  • Connect an existing PayPal account to your new Yahoo Merchant Solutions online store or add a new PayPal account to begin accepting online payments.
6. Move your domain name and email addresses. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process.

Once your new online store is ready you'll be able to cancel your old ecommerce service and have your provider redirect your domain name to your new store hosted by Yahoo Merchant Solutions. Find out how to ask your registrar to redirect your domain to Yahoo.

Please note that you'll still need to pay your provider to maintain your domain name, unless you're willing to switch to a new domain.

*Additional fees apply

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