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How to order from a Yahoo store

This page explains some general information about ordering from a Yahoo store.

Finding an item

From the home page of the store, there are at least three ways to find what you want:

  • The home page typically has direct links to different categories of merchandise, and sometimes to individual items.
  • Many stores have an alphabetical index. Click the "Index" button on the home page to go to the index page.
  • Most stores are searchable. Look for a Search box or link to a Search page on the home page of the store, and enter the words associated with the product you're looking for.

If don't find the item you're looking for, please contact the merchant directly. Each page of the site usually has a button or link labeled "Info", "Contact Us", or "Customer Support." Some merchants answer questions by email while others offer a toll-free number for sales questions.

Buying an item

Buying from a Yahoo store is both easy and secure. When you place an order, you can feel confident that your credit card information is protected. Learn about the ways that Merchant Solutions is secure.

For every orderable item, there'll be an Order button. Sometimes this button will be labeled "Add to Cart" or something similar.

This button adds the item to your shopping basket. Putting items in your shopping basket doesn't commit you to buying them. After you put something in your basket, you can choose to place the order immediately, or continue shopping.

You can put as many items as you want in your shopping basket. When you're finished and want to place the order, you can get back to your shopping basket by clicking on the "Show Order" button, sometimes labeled "Proceed to Checkout" or similar.

+Problems ordering

If you click the Order button and get no response, it's probably because you can't connect securely to our server. As a test, try going to If you can't connect securely to PayPal:

  • You're using an old version of your browser, in which case you should upgrade; or
  • You're behind a corporate or personal firewall that won't allow secure connections. Check with your network administrator, consult your firewall or security help pages, or order from home or another computer not behind a firewall.

Also, to add multiple items to your shopping cart, you need to set your browser to accept cookies. If you don't want to enable cookies for every website, your browser may have a setting where you can decide which cookies to accept. Refer to the help files in your browser for more instructions on enabling cookies.

If you continue to have problems, many merchants accept orders by phone or fax. Most stores have information about accepting offline orders.

+Shipping, tax, returns and other policies

For information on shipping, tax, returns and contact information, see the store "Info" page. You can usually find the Info page from any page in the store by clicking the Info button in the button bar, or by looking for an "Information" or "About Us" link on the store.

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