Navigate in Yahoo for Apple TV with remote control commands

Get the most from your Yahoo for Apple TV experience by learning the tricks to its navigation. Using your Apple TV remote control, you can maneuver to the video content you love. As you skip, thumbs down, or remove content from your list, the app learns your preferences and offers better suggestions of things you'll like to watch.

Apple TV remote gestures

While on the primary video play screen

  • Swipe down - Displays video-specific information
  • Swipe up - Displays Yahoo channel-specific information
  • Pad tap - Displays player controls
  • Pad click - Displays player controls and pauses video
  • Pad right-edge-click - Skip to the next video
  • Pad left-edge-click - Skip to the previous video
  • Menu button click - Displays the menu for My Channel, More Videos, and Viewer Profile

While on any of the swipe down, swipe up, or menu panel

  • Swipe down - Moves the selection highlight down
  • Swipe up - Moves the selection highlight up
  • Swipe left - Moves the selection highlight left
  • Swipe right - Moves the selection highlight right
  • Pad click - Select or change this item
  • Menu button click - Go back to the previous screen