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How do I create a subdomain?

You can create subdomains to forward your site visitors to specific areas of your web site.

(Domains and Business Email plan owners: Your plan does not include subdomains, but you can use domain forwarding to redirect visitors to another web site. Learn how to set up domain forwarding.)

To create a subdomain:

  1. Visit your Business Control Panel. (If you have not yet signed in with your Yahoo ID and password, you'll be prompted to do so here.)

  2. Click the "Domain Control Panel" link under your domain name.

  3. Click the "Manage Subdomains" or "Manage Domain and Subdomains" link.

  4. Click the "Add Subdomain" or "Create Subdomain" button.

  5. In the "Start at" field, enter the name of the new subdomain. To create the subdomain, for example, you'd enter info in this field.

  6. In the "Forward to" field, choose the destination of your subdomain — the directory with which your subdomain will be associated — from the pull-down menu provided. You'll see subdirectories associated with the site you're currently managing.

  7. Click the "Submit" button.

  8. You'll see a confirmation message and summary of your subdomain details. Click the "Return to Domain Forward Page" or "Return to Manage Subdomains" button.

You can view your subdomain(s) anytime by following steps 1 and 2 to return to this page.

NOTE: If you have a Merchant Solutions plan, you will be unable to create a subdomain on the merchant side of your account. In addition, you will be unable to create a subdomain on the Web Hosting side of your account and set up a proper 301 redirect.

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