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How do I lock and unlock my domain?

When you sign up for a Yahoo plan that includes a domain name, your domain will be locked automatically. You can unlock and relock your domain anytime; however we recommend turning locking off only in the event that you need to make changes to your domain name servers.

To unlock or relock your domain, visit your Domain Control Panel and click the "Edit Domain Locking" link. On the following page, you'll see your domain lock status. Click the "Unlock Domain" or "Lock Domain" button to change your lock status.

You can also unlock your domain from the "Advanced DNS" page. Visit your Domain Control Panel and click the "Manage Advanced DNS Settings" link. If your domain is locked, you will find an "Unlock Domain" button near the bottom of the page, in the "Name Servers" section. Click this button to unlock your domain.

Please note that only the plan owner can unlock your domain. If you need to unlock your domain, be sure to relock it as soon as possible. In addition, please be aware that pending domains cannot be modified; you can change the lock status only of active domains.

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