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What is a starter web page?

A starter web page (previously called a Web Card) is a bonus feature that you receive when you purchase a Domains, Custom Mailbox, or Business Mail plan from Yahoo Small Business. When you sign up for one of those products, we automatically create a placeholder "Under Construction" page for you at your web address. Your visitors will see this default "Under Construction" page when they go to your web address.

The Starter Web Page Wizard allows you to use a templated page to display your name, contact information, and some details about your business in a professional-looking, predesigned page. Your starter web page establishes a presence at your domain until you are ready to build a more comprehensive web site.

Because the starter web page is not a full web site, you won't be able to alter the template, add pages, or include your own images or HTML. To fully customize your web presence, you'll want to upgrade to a Web Hosting plan.

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