How do I set up my email address?

To set up your Yahoo Domains email address:

  1. Go to your Business Control Panel. (If you haven't yet signed in with your Yahoo ID and password, you'll be prompted to do so.)
  2. Click the Domain Control Panel link associated with your domain.
  3. Click Manage Email Accounts in the "Email" section.
  4. In the "Email sent to:" field, enter an email address (such as or

  5. To save your changes, click the OK button. You'll see a message reading, "We successfully saved your email address."
  6. Click the Cancel button to return to the Domain Control Panel.

You can edit this email address anytime by returning to the "Set Up Email Address" task and entering a new name.

  Note: When you change your email address, mail sent to the original address will be returned to sender (unless you have activated the catch-all feature).


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