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How can I register new name servers?

If you registered your domain name through Yahoo and want to host your own name servers, we'll be happy to register new ones for you. You can use the new name servers as backups for your Yahoo name servers, or replace your Yahoo name server settings with your own.

Please be aware that Yahoo's name servers must be listed as the primary and secondary name servers in order for Yahoo to host your domain services properly. If you replace Yahoo's default name servers, Yahoo will no longer be able to provide any services associated with your domain.

  Note: Any changes that you make to your DNS settings can interrupt your service. If you are not an advanced user, we strongly recommend that you do not change these settings.

To register a new name server host name, such as, contact us and be ready to provide a description of the record you are requesting, including the host names to be registered and their IP addresses.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your new name servers to be registered.

We can register new name servers for you only if you registered your domain through Yahoo and your domain is not pending. If you signed up for your domain with another registrar, contact that registrar to create new name servers.

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