Is transferring a domain the same as releasing a domain?

No. These are different processes, based on where you plan to move your domain. Most users want to transfer their domain, which means moving the domain to an entirely new registrar, such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions.

However, if you'd like to move your domain to Melbourne IT, or a provider that uses Melbourne IT as its registrar, the procedure is slightly different and involves releasing your domain.

  1. Verify your administrative contact email address.
    Before you contact us, make sure your WHOIS administrative contact email address is up-to-date. Learn how to update your contact information.

  2. Contact us.
    Contact us and tell us you'd like to move your domain to Melbourne IT or a Melbourne IT reseller. We'll then release your domain, and Melbourne IT will send you an email with your registry key. A registry key is a password associated with your domain that authorizes a move between Melbourne IT and one of its resellers.

    Important: Melbourne IT will send your registry key to the administrative contact email address in your WHOIS information. Be sure to verify this address before initiating the move.

  3. Check your email.
    You should see an email from Melbourne IT (if you don't see it, check in your spam or junk mail folder). The email contains your registry key.

  4. If you're moving to Melbourne IT:
    Go to the Melbourne IT web site at
    Enter your domain name and registry key. You can then manage your domain with MIT.

    If you're moving to a Melbourne IT reseller:
    Give your registry key to your new host, who will initiate the move. If the registry key is correct, the move will be completed within moments.

Keep in mind that you'll only need to release your domain if you're moving from Yahoo to Melbourne IT or a Melbourne IT reseller (if you're unsure, ask your new provider). Most often you'll transfer to a new registrar, and should follow the standard domain transfer process.

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