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Sign up and manage your Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop program

Yahoo Mail offers a free Complaint Feedback Loop program to help email senders minimize complaint rates. If you participate, Yahoo Mail forwards complaints from our users about emails sent from your organization.

Our Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL) is a free program for bulk email senders that lets you see what your audience thinks of your messages, allowing you to take action to minimize complaints and improve your overall sending reputation. Regular reports are generated when Yahoo receivers mark email sent from your domain as spam. We no longer offer IP or CIDR-based CFL reporting.


Senders who want to sign up for the CFL program are required to sign their outbound email with DKIM, which is used by Yahoo Mail to determine the actual sender of an email.

Sign up for CFL

If you have a Yahoo account, you can fill out a new CFL application and get started.

  • A verification email will be sent to: postmaster@(your domain).
  • For each domain and DK selector you want to enroll in the program, you'll need to click on a URL in the verification email we'll send you to activate it.

Can't access CFL address

If you lose access to the email address associated with your CFL, you can fill out a new application to update your contact details with a different Yahoo ID. Just select Update from the "Request type" menu when filling out the form.

Turn off CFL reporting

If you'd like to stop receiving reports, fill out a new application and select Delete under “Request type.” Once we process your submission, you’ll stop receiving CFL reports for the given domain.

Be sure to review our CFL FAQ page to fix common problems and answer any other questions you may have come across.