Attachments in Yahoo Mail

Sometimes words just aren't enough. Send a song to your special someone, documents to your boss, or photos to your family. You can even share your Flickr photos and Dropbox files right from Yahoo Mail.

Working with attachments

It's easy to send and receive attachments with Yahoo Mail.

Attaching files

Make the emails you send even more meaningful by adding attachments.

  Message size limits. Keep an eye on your total message size when adding attachments. Learn about Yahoo Mail message size limits.

  1. Click Compose.
  2. Click the Attach Files icon Attachment Options icon.
    - Your computer's file selection window opens.
  3. Once you locate the file(s) you want to attach, click Open (or your computer's equivalent.)
  4. Your attached file(s) will appear below the message body.
  5. Compose your email and click Send.

Preview attachments

Don't have time to download an attachment? No problem! You can preview your attachments within Yahoo Mail.

Learn more by viewing our preview attachments help article.  

Download attachments

Save files that were emailed to you on your computer.

Download one attachment

  1. Open a message containing an attachment.
  2. Mouse over the attachment thumbnail at the bottom of the message.
  3. Click the download icon Graphic of the Yahoo Mail attachment download icon..
  4. Select where you would like the attachment to be saved on your computer.
    - The steps for saving will vary depending on your web browser and browser settings.

Download multiple attachments

  1. Open a message containing more than one attachment.
  2. Click Download all above the attachment thumbnails at the bottom of the message.
  3. Select where you would like the attachments to be saved on your computer.
    - The attachments are downloaded and saved in a zip file.

Share Flickr photos and Dropbox files

In addition to attaching files, you can share photos and files from Flickr and Dropbox.

Reply with attachments

If you add a new recipient to an email that previously had an attachment, you'll be asked if you want to include those attachments in your reply.

Prompt to include original attachments in your email reply.


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