Can't send email using POP mail client

If you can't send Yahoo Business Mail email from your POP mail client, try these steps.

Check your POP mail client settings

Make sure your email client is set up correctly.

+ Set up guidelines for POP mail clients

Select your client from the list to view our recommended configuration:

  Using a different email client? Consult your email program's help files for information about configuring SMTP settings. Use these settings as a reference.

SMTP Server

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) require their subscribers to send email through the ISP's SMTP servers.

+ List of ISP SMTP server settings

  Is your ISP listed? Try replacing our SMTP server info with theirs.

ISP SMTP server settings
 Earthlink / MindSpring  Visit their help page
 AT&T  Visit their help page
 Bell Sympatico  Visit their help page
 SBC (
 SBC (
 SBC (
 SBC (
 SBC (
 SBC (
 SBC (
 SBC (
 SBC (

  If your ISP is not listed above, please contact your ISP to see if it requires a different SMTP sever setting instead of Yahoo's.


Our outgoing mail settings require SSL, which uses port 465.

Your ISP may be blocking port 465. Try using port 587 as an alternative.

Consult the maker of your POP for help with changing your port settings.

Norton Antivirus

If Norton is installed on your computer, you'll need to configure it to work with the POP client.

For help configuring Norton Antivirus, visit the Symantec website.

Additional things to consider

  • Make sure you've entered your Business Mail email address as the "From" address.
  • Review our sending limits to check if you're reaching the cap.

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