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Compare the differences between POP and IMAP

When you set up an email app to access your email account, you're asked to pick between POP or IMAP. Use this guide to see the pros and cons of each and determine which option is best for you.

POP access

POP an older protocol that copies emails from the email server to the app. It doesn't allow for actions or sent email to be uploaded from the app back to the email server.

  • 1-way sync - Only downloads email from the server.
  • Limited access - Only download emails from the Inbox and Spam folders.
  • No record of sent email - Sent messages from the app are not saved on the server.
  • Keep email on server - Leave a copy of your email on the server or delete it when it's downloaded.
  • Manage Inboxes independently - Deleting or moving email in the app isn't reflected on the server.

IMAP access

IMAP is a newer protocol that keeps your emails on the email server, allowing you to remotely access and action all of your emails. What you do in the app is reflected back on the email server.

  • 2-way sync - Emails stay on the server and are accessed remotely.
  • Full access - Access every email from every folder in the app.
  • Record of sent email - Anything you send in the app is saved on the server.
  • Manage mailbox once - What you delete or move in the app is also moved or deleted on the server.

  Get started - After making your choice, use our POP settings or IMAP settings to set up your app.

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