Can't receive mail with external email account

Check the following common causes to troubleshoot your external email account.

  • Verify that your external account's settings (incoming / outgoing servers, port number, username, and password) are setup correctly. To verify your settings are accurate, contact the support staff of the external account.
  • See if the external account's inbox has email in it. If you use an email program that deletes email from the server, there may not be any messages to download.
  • The server you're attempting to contact may be behind a firewall that is blocking access.
  • There could be an issue with your network. If the issue began without you changing your settings, you may want to contact your ISP or your external mail server's administrator.
  • Check with your provider to see if they have any restrictions on POP, such as:
    • AOL does not allow POP access.
    • Hotmail requires a fee to use POP.

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