Create a POP-only account / reset application password

It's easy to setup a POP-only account or reset its password. Here's how.

What is a POP-only account?

POP-only email addresses allow you to send and receive emails from a POP client (such as Outlook or Mac Mail) but does not get attached to a Yahoo ID, so you won't be able to access the account without a POP client.

Creating a POP-only account

  Prerequisite - Sign in to your Email Control Panel before using these steps.

  1. Click Add an Email User:
    ECP Add User
  2. Enter a name and the email address in the appropriately marked fields:
    ECP create name
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Never with Yahoo, will use another mail program exclusively.
  5. Using the calendar, enter the email users date of birth (used for account verification).
    • Click the month / year:
      Pick a date
    • Select the month and enter the year, then click OK.
      Year selection
  6. Select By selecting this box, you agree to the following.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Write down the Application Password exactly as it is displayed, it is case sensitive:
    ECP app password
  9. Enter a current and active email address
    -This is where the email invitation to activate and set up the account will be sent.
  10. Click Next

The email account has now been created. In order for it to move from a pending status to an active status, the email account needs to be successfully set up in a POP client.

Instructions for how to set up the account in a POP client will be included in the email invitation.

Changing your POP-only account password

  Prerequisite - Sign in to your Email Control Panel before using these steps.

If the Status is still pending, you'll need to delete the account, then recreate it.

To change the password:

  1. Click Edit User
    ECP edit user
  2. Click Change password
    ECP change password
  3. Write down the new application password
    ECP new password
  4. Click OK

Changing this password disconnects any and all POP clients from the POP-only account.

You'll need to add the new password to every POP client that was previously configured.

If you need assistance adding the new password, please contact the POP client manufacturer.

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