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Contact lists in Yahoo Mail

Have a group of contacts you frequently email? Use contact lists so you don't have to enter each email address individually.

Getting Started

Contact lists are great for easily sending your family, close friends, co-workers, or community groups a message. 

Creating a Contact List

Get started by creating your first Contact List!

  1. Select the checkbox beside the contacts you want to group.
  2. Click Assign Contacts.
  3. Enter your list's name in the "New List" field. 
    - Example: "Book Club", "Family", "Newsletter Group"
  4. Click Done.

  Did you know? You can also create a new list by entering its name directly into the "New List" field in the Contact List column.

+ Adding contacts to a Contact List

After you've created a list or two, if you decide that you want to add more contacts to them. No problem!

  1. Select the checkbox beside the contacts you want to add.
  2. Click Assign Contacts.
  3. Select the checkbox beside each list you want to include them on.
  4. Click Done.

  Tip: You can also drag and drop selected contacts to the contact list of your choice.

Sending emails to a Contact List

Get your message to many people at once.

  1. Open a draft or new message.
  2. Enter all or part of the list name in the address field.
  3. Select the list from the menu.
    - All contacts in the list will be added to the field.
  4. Compose your email and click Send.

  Important: Contact Lists only insert the primary email address of a contact. If your contact has multiple addresses you want to insert, you'll need to create separate contacts for each address.

Modifying your lists

If you need to make any changes, it's no problem at all.

Removing contacts from a Contact List

You can remove one or more contacts from a list in just a few steps.

  1. Select a Contact List.
    - Contacts within the list are displayed.
  2. Select the checkbox next to a contact. 
  3. Click Remove from list.
  4. Click Remove from list in the confirmation prompt.

Renaming a Contact List

If you want to rename your list, use these steps.

  1. Double-click the name of a list.
    - The name will become highlighted.
  2. Enter a new name.
  3. Press Enter on the keyboard to save the changes.

Deleting a Contact List

Want to delete a list? There's nothing to it!

  1. Select the Contact List.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Delete List.
  4. Click Delete in the confirmation prompt.

  Did you know? Deleting a Contact List does not delete your contacts.

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