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Supported browsers for Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is a Web-based application that works with the more recent versions of specific Web browsers. Here are the Operating Systems (OS) and browsers we currently support.

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Supported browsers

Yahoo Mail supports the following Web browsers for Windows and Apple computers.

Windows Vista, 7, and 8

Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6

  • Firefox version 19 and newer
  • Safari version 6.0 and newer
  • Google Chrome version 25 and newer

Upgrading your browser

Although Yahoo Mail supports all browsers noted above, we recommend upgrading your browser to its latest non-beta version for the optimal Yahoo Mail experience, including:

  • Faster speed - Newer browsers are faster than ever.
  • Safer protection - Viruses and spyware don't stand a chance.

Download the latest browser versions

Click your browser's link below to visit its website where you can download its most recent version.

  Good to know:

When you access Yahoo Mail you may be prompted to use Basic mail--a simplified version of Yahoo Mail that doesn't include all features, if you:


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