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Alternate email address/mobile number verification troubleshooting

Learn some common reasons why you may be having trouble verifying your email address or mobile number.

Email never arrives

  • Be sure that you're using a valid email address. 
  • Ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email provider if they are blocking any mail from Yahoo.
  • Turn off any spam or junk mail filters so the email is not misdirected.

Good to know: While the email will arrive quickly, it's not instantaneous. It can be delayed several hours.

SMS text message never arrives

  • Contact your mobile carrier to see if they are blocking the SMS message.
  • Be sure that you're providing a valid mobile number. For example, we don't support landlines.
    Note: If you mistype your mobile number, the SMS verification code will be sent to the owner of that number and not to your mobile phone.

You have received a "Verification link is no longer valid" or "OOPS! you are already signed in" error message

If you're still not getting the verification code, requesting a new code often fixes the issue.

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