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Reasons your Yahoo account was deleted

Do you think your account has been deleted? See the possible reasons why your account will be permanently deleted, below.

  Tip: You can tell your account has been deactivated by trying to reset your password using the Password Helper. You'll get a notification page saying either your account has been deactivated or you can't reset your password online.

Deleted from within the account

You have to enter a valid password from within your Account Info page to manually delete your account.

Removed due to inactivity

If you rarely use your account, it will go into an inactive state and then be deleted. Sign in to your account using a desktop or laptop computer at least once every 12 months to prevent this from happening.

A violation of the Terms

For complete info on our policies, see the full Terms of Service.

Once an account has been deleted, it's impossible for Yahoo to reactivate the account or retrieve any stored info. You're always welcome to sign up for a new Yahoo account.

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