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Login Activity: What are Access Types and Events?

The Login Activity feature contains useful info about how a Yahoo account has been accessed recently.

Access Type

How your Yahoo account was accessed 

  • Browser – Accessing your account from a computer using Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
  • Mobile - A mobile device with web enabled browsers.
    - For example, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Application – An application used to access your account data.
    - For example, Yahoo Mail for iPhone.

 Sometimes mobile device access can record as 'Browser,' so don't worry if you recognize the location/IP address but 'Browser' is listed instead of 'Mobile'.

Event Type

How access was granted to the account

  • Logged in to Yahoo product – Both your Yahoo ID and Password were entered manually in order to access your account.
    - Yahoo! products that may display include:
    • Yahoo Mail
    • Yahoo homepage
    • Yahoo Sports
    • Yahoo Finance
  • Logged in - When both your Yahoo ID and Password were entered for a Yahoo product not listed above.
  • Mail Access - When you are already signed in to Yahoo and accessed Yahoo Mail.

Example: You sign in to Yahoo Mail on a desktop computer and enter both your Yahoo ID and Password.
- This event will be shown as: "Browser" and "Logged in to Yahoo Mail."

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