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See who recently accessed your account

The Login Activity feature records the locations and IP addresses of each sign-in to your account. Think an unauthorized person has accessed your account? We have the information you need to understand these access points.

View your account's Recent Login Activity

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account information.
  2. Under "Sign-In and Security," click or tap View your recent sign-in activity.
  3. Here you can see the last 20 logins to your account. (Click View More at the bottom of the page to see more activities.)
    - Click Location | IP Address to toggle between views.

Location and IP Address

We match your IP address to a general geographical location. If you access your account from the United States, you will see the State.

Be on the lookout for activity that doesn't match how you normally use Yahoo.

  • Multiple geographic locations - Are there logins you don't recognize in your Login Activity page?
  • Access Type shows mobile device - Does the Access Type show a mobile device even though you never use a mobile device to access your account?

 In some cases, mobile providers and Internet proxies may appear in your Login Activity as being from a different geographic location than where you're normally based. This may result in a Login Activity event we’ve marked as suspicious even if it was you.

Unusual IP addresses and what they mean

If you access your account using a single computer, the IP addresses you see should be the same or start with the same two sets of numbers (for example, "209.16.xx.xx"). If you're seeing an IP address that differs greatly from your usual IP address, it could mean either: 

  • You've recently accessed your account from a different location.
  • Someone else has accessed your account.
    • If you're suspicious of an IP address in your history, you can use a utility like who is to gather more information about that IP address.

Protect your account

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