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Unread emails show up as read

New emails are marked in bold to make them easy to scan and prioritize. However, when new emails are incorrectly marked as "read" they can get missed. Learn more about some potential causes for how this can happen and the best way to address them.

Browser uses auto complete

If you use a browser's autocomplete feature to fill in your sign in information, other people may be gaining access to your email messages.

See your browser's help details to clear and disable password saving.

Email comes through an external program

An external mail program, such as Outlook or Mac Mail, retrieves messages from Yahoo Mail and downloads them to your computer or mobile device, making them appear as read in Yahoo Mail.

Might be the activity of a virus or a spyware

If your computer has been compromised by a virus or spyware, other people may be accessing your accounts remotely.

We recommend using an anti-virus and anti-spy software program to run a scan.