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Understand and use data downloaded from Yahoo Groups

  Not seeing all your Group's data? Be aware that only attachments and photos you uploaded will be available for download.

When you use Yahoo Groups Download Manager to download your Groups data, you'll receive a .zip file that contains one or more of the following types of files:

  1. JSON - Files containing data including comments and media metadata, which can be opened using a plain text editor to view raw data, or opened using a JSON parser, which takes your data and makes it readable.
  2. ICS - Files containing Groups events, saved in a universal calendar file format that can be opened by many calendar applications such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.
  3. MBOX - Files containing Yahoo Groups messages that can be read by desktop mail clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, or Apple Mail.

No matter which type of file is returned, you'll receive the data within a .zip file. Once you open the .zip file, you can either view the raw data as-is or use third-party software as noted above to view your data in a more friendly format.

Though we can't provide advice or recommendations for specific third-party applications to use, you can do a web search for "MBOX parser," "JSON parser," or "ICS parser". Once you've found the appropriate site or application, follow the directions provided by the company that owns the parser application and review that company's customer support site for any additional questions.

As a reminder, all Groups content will be removed from the site on December 14, however, we will continue to process requests for your data until January 31, 2020. If you experience any issues with the content of the download, please reach out to our escalation team at

  Do your research - Remember to research third-party products to make sure others have found them safe to use.