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Using Yahoo Travel, you can browse the world, research travel destinations, and book hotels and flights.

Browsing the site

There are lots of places to go from theĀ Yahoo Travel homepage:

  • Travel Home
  • A Broad Abroad
  • Road Trip
  • Family
  • Cruise
  • Hotels
  • Video
  • Solo
  • Adventure
  • How To
  • Eat
  • Guides
  • Daily Nomad
  • Snapshot
  • Romance
  • Stuff

Booking features

Using the booking tool, you can search current prices and availability for hotels and flights.

Reservations are made through Hipmunk.

Hipmunk is an online travel site that works with thousands of hotels, airlines, and online travel agents to provide customers with the best price and availability on flights and hotels. In addition to direct relationships with airlines and hotels, they also search all of the popular sites in one easy to use interface to provide consumers with access to the best deal available.

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