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Trip Planner and My Travel are being discontinued

Effective March 21st, 2014, Yahoo Travel services “Trip Planner” and “My Travel” will be permanently discontinued.

Why is Yahoo making this change?

We’re discontinuing these two Travel services in an ongoing effort to sharpen our focus on delivering a better Yahoo Travel experience.

What were My Travel and Trip Planner, exactly?

My Travel -- a service that allowed travelers to catalog the places they had been to, and the places they wanted to visit.

Trip Planner -- a service that allowed travelers to upload Trip Plans they created based on travel info available on Yahoo Travel.

Can I save my travel plans?

If you currently have travel plans in Trip Planner, it’s still possible to save them by printing them before 3/21/2014.

To print a trip in Trip Planner

  1. Go to the “My Trips” section of the Trip Planner.
  2. Locate the trip you’d like to print, and click Print.

What about photos that I’ve uploaded?

Any photos that you've uploaded and added on Yahoo Travel were also uploaded to Flickr. After March 21st, those photos will no longer be on Travel, but they’ll still be available in the Flickr account they were originally uploaded within.

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Last updated: February 27, 2014