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Get started with and enter a Pro League

Pro Leagues are Public Leagues that you join by paying an entry fee. This fee goes towards cash prize payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Join up to 50 Pro Leagues per season to enjoy competition with similar gameplay as Public Leagues.

Eligibility, official rules, and Terms of Service

Before joining a Pro League, read the official rules and regulations of each game and make sure you're eligible.

Official rules and eligibility for Pro Leagues per sport:

Terms of Service for Pro Leagues per sport:

Available scoring formats and draft types

Pro Leagues for each sport use the following scoring and draft formats.

Competition Levels and Payout info

Competition levels you can join (the higher the entry fee, the bigger the prize):

  • PRO20 ($20 entry fee)
  • PRO50 ($50 entry fee)
  • PRO100 ($100 entry fee)
  • PRO250 ($250 entry fee)
  • PRO500 ($500 entry fee)
  • PRO1000 ($1000 entry fee)
  • PRO5000 ($5000 entry fee)

See the payout options for the top 3 places per Fantasy Sport:

Required number of managers

Each Pro League requires 12 (10 for Football) managers to complete their draft.

  • It's not possible to have a co-manager for your Pro League team.
  • Managers are randomly placed and it's not possible to invite a friend.
  • If the league has any empty slots when it's ready to conduct the draft, the league will be canceled and entry fees are refunded.

Enter a Pro League contest

  1. From Yahoo Fantasy, mouse over Fantasy | select a sport.
  2. Go down and click Get Another Team.
  3. Click Yahoo Pro League.
  4. Enter your desired settings and draft time.
  5. Click Join.
  6. Select your payment method or enter a new one, then click Purchase.