Scoring in Tourney Pick'em

In Tourney Pick'em, you get points for correctly picking the winners of each NCAA tournament matchup. The points per correct pick double each round and vary in total, depending on your group's scoring system.

Default scoring

Default Scoring (Points by Round)
Round Points Per Correct Pick Points Possible Best Possible Score
Round of 64 1 point 32 points 32 points
Round of 32 2 points 32 points 64 points
Sweet 16 4 points 32 points 96 points
Elite Eight 8 points 32 points 128 points
Final Four 16 points 32 points 160 points
Championship 32 points 32 points 192 points

Custom scoring

Commissioners can change the points awarded for correct picks, add multipliers to make certain rounds more impactful, or even award upset bonus points for correctly picking lower-seeded teams!

Set up group scoring

From your group's homepage,

  1. Click Group Scoring.
  2. Select Use a custom Scoring System.
  3. Click one of the custom scoring settings:
    • Yahoo Default
    • Big Points
    • Fibonacci
    • Progressive
    • Straight
  4. Select a bonus option:
    • No bonus points - Who needs bonuses? Let everyone's picks stand on their own.
    • Upset Pick bonus - Assign bonus points for each correctly picked upset.
    • Seed Difference bonus - Use point multipliers to give big upsets more value in the earlier rounds.
  5. Edit point values, bonuses, and/or multipliers, depending on the bonus type you selected.
  6. Click Submit.

Bonus types:

  • Upset Pick - A flat bonus amount is awarded for correctly picking upsets, and commissioners can change the bonus value on a round-by-round basis.
  • Seed Difference - A dynamic bonus amount is awarded for correctly picking upsets, based on the difference in seeds and the round. For example, if you correctly pick a 10-seed to beat a 6-seed in the round of 32 (which has a hypothetical round multiplier of 3), you'd be awarded 12 bonus points. [(10 - 6) * 3 = 12]

Custom scoring points per round

Custom Scoring Systems Points per correct pick
(per round)
Yahoo Default 1-2-4-8-16-32
Big Points 10-20-40-80-120-160
Fibonacci 2-3-5-8-13-21
Progressive 1-2-3-4-5-6
Straight 1-1-1-1-1-1
Early Upsets (Fibonacci with early round upset bonus)
Seed Bonus (Default with seed difference upset bonus)

Custom scoring examples

Here are a couple of scoring customizations to get your creative juices flowing.

Progressive scoring with a custom Progressive Upset Pick bonus

Screenshot of Upset Pick bonus scoring

Big points with Seed Difference bonus

Screenshot of Seed Difference Bonus scoring