Introduction to Yahoo Fantasy Tourney Pick'em

  Get schooled! Learn how to sign up and get answers to all your FAQs in our How to Play Tourney Pick'em Overview!

Take the court with Yahoo Fantasy Tourney Pick'em and try your luck at picking the winners of each game in this year's NCAA men's college basketball tournament bracket.

Difference between brackets and groups

  • Brackets - Players fill out a chart with their picks of winning teams during march madness.
  • Groups - A bunch of players who can see one another's brackets and compete for points. 

Easy access to all your brackets

You can fill out up to 10 brackets and add them to as many as 15 groups. No matter how many you want, you'll get quick and easy access to every one of them from the Tourney Pick'em homepage.

Enter groups and challenge your friends (or strangers)

Create or join groups to pit your bracket against your friends, family, co-workers, or even against strangers.

Use our default scoring system or create one of your own. Finish with one of your group's 3 best brackets and earn some hardware for your Fantasy Profile's trophy case!

Follow your progress with leaderboards

You might be the master of your own group, but how does your bracket stack up against everyone else in Tourney Pick'em?

See where you stand in Group and Overall Leaderboards as the tourney progresses.