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About scoring points and tiebreakers in Tourney Pick'em

In Tourney Pick'em you earn points by correctly picking the winners of each NCAA tournament matchup. Points are awarded depending on your group's scoring settings. Commissioners can adjust their group's settings with the "Use a custom Scoring System" option found in the Group Scoring tab on the homepage. In case of a tie, we have a tiebreaker system that is applied. If you think there’s a scoring discrepancy, be sure to include necessary info when contacting us.

Default Scoring

Default scoring is used in all Public Groups as well as Private Groups where the commish hasn’t edited any of the scoring settings.

Default Scoring (Points by Round)
Round Points Per Correct Pick Points Possible Best Possible Score
Round of 64 1 point 32 points 32 points
Round of 32 2 points 32 points 64 points
Sweet 16 4 points 32 points 96 points
Elite Eight 8 points 32 points 128 points
Final Four 16 points 32 points 160 points
Championship 32 points 32 points 192 points

Multipliers and Bonus Points

  • No bonus points - Everyone's picks stand on their own.
  • Upset Pick - A flat bonus amount is awarded for correctly picking upsets, and commissioners can change the bonus value on a round-by-round basis.
  • Seed Difference - Point multipliers give ‘big upsets’ more value based on the difference in seeds and the round. For example, if you correctly pick a 10-seed to beat a 6-seed in the round of 32 (which has a hypothetical round multiplier of 3), you'd be awarded 12 bonus points [(10 - 6) * 3 = 12].

About Tiebreakers and Scoring Discrepancies


If two or more players in a group finish with the same overall point total after a national champion is crowned, we'll use the following system to break the tie (for tiebreakers, we only take predicted points into consideration):

  • First tiebreaker - Closest prediction of total points scored by both teams wins.
  • Second tiebreaker - Closest prediction for points scored by the winning team.
  • Third tiebreaker - Closest prediction for points scored by the losing team. If this last tiebreaker results in a deadlock, the players remain tied in the standings.

Scoring Discrepancies

Before reporting a discrepancy, be sure to confirm your group’s scoring settings. When contacting us please provide:

  1. The name of the bracket in question.
  2. Your scoring dispute.
  3. Your Group ID number.
  4. Any reference point (recap, news story, etc.) that might help in resolving the issue.