How to play Tourney Pick’em

Think you got what it takes to make this year's Tourney Pick'em a slam dunk? Prove it to yourself and your friends by signing up to play Tourney Pick'em.

  Stay connected on the go! Access your brackets and pools from the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app.

Basics of Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'em

The idea of the game is simple -- Score the most points. Pick the winners in each tournament game matchup. The more winners you pick correctly, the more points you'll earn.

Fill out up to 10 brackets and join "pools" to compete against your friends, family, or colleagues.

As the games progress, we'll track all the results on your brackets and your overall ranking on the game's leaderboards so you can just sit back and enjoy the games.

Sign up

Registration opens on February 10, 2016!

To get started, just sign in to the Tourney Pick'em homepage with your Yahoo ID and join or create a pool.

Hurry though! Brackets need to be created before the deadlines and picks have to be in before the first games start on March 17, 2016.

Join the Celebrity Bracket Challenge

See the Official Challenge Rules for eligibility requirements and other information regarding the Celebrity Bracket Challenge.

Didn't get the perfect bracket last year? That's OK, this year it's all about having the best bracket. Here's some info to get you started. 

  • Create up to 10 brackets.
  • Each bracket can only be entered in to a maximum of 15 pools.

Create and join pools

Tourney Pick'em pools give you a way to compete directly against your friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers.

Each pool has its own leaderboard and message board, so you'll always be able to see (and even hear) who's top dog in the standings

The pool's creator (the "commissioner") can customize their pool's settings, scoring options, invite new members, and customize privacy options (like the pool's password).

 Want to learn more? Learn all about joining, creating, or managing pools in our Tourney Pick'em Pools FAQs.

Fill out your bracket

Once the teams are selected for the NCAA tournament on March 13, 2016, you'll be able to fill in your bracket with your predictions -- from the round of 64 all the way to the National Championship game.

To fill out your bracket, click your bracket from the Tourney Pick'em homepage and make your picks. It's important to pick every game or else your bracket won't be saved.

Make sure you get your picks in on time by following the dates in our Deadlines Overview.

Scoring and leaderboards

There are several ways that the game can be scored, the most common being the Yahoo default system.

Scoring in each pool can be customized using one of several different scoring methods -- check out our Scoring Overview to learn all about them.

Curious about how your bracket stacks up against the rest? Get some insight into your excellence (or futility) using the Tourney Pick'em leaderboards.

Tourney Pick'em is for entertainment purposes only and may not be used in connection with any form of gambling or wagering.

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