Total points vs. dropped points in Pick'em standings

Total Points versus Dropped Points columns:

  • Total Points column: Displays a member's overall score -- either the total number of correct selections, or the confidence points earned through correct selections.
  • Dropped Points column: Displays the points not included in the overall score, if any. Note that this column will not appear if your group is configured to count all weeks without dropping one or more low scores.

To determine if your group excludes any low scores:

  • Click Settings on any group page; the Drop Scores setting displays the option selected by the founder of your group.
  • If one low score is excluded, the Total Points column will display a member’s overall points with the lowest week removed from consideration.

Example: If you score 10, 12 and 9 points in the first three weeks, your Total Points after Week 3 would be 22 (10 + 12), and your Dropped Points would be 9. If two low scores are excluded, your Total Points would be 12, and your Dropped Points would be 19.

Note: Playoff weeks will not be considered for dropping in Pro Pick'em groups that pick through the NFL playoffs.