Can't see browser buttons, menus, or toolbars

Let's help you find your missing browser buttons, menus, or toolbars!

  Caution: Browser buttons, menus, and toolbars like the "Back" or "Print" buttons, the "File" pull-down list, and the "Address" bar are components of your browser and are not part of Yahoo or the Yahoo Toolbar.

Internet Explorer

-- Your Yahoo Toolbar is hidden.

  1. Click View | Toolbars.
  2. Select the checkbox for Yahoo Toolbar.

 Don't see Yahoo Toolbar in the menu? You need to re-install Toolbar.

-- Your Yahoo Toolbar has moved over the buttons.

  1. Left click and hold on the thin vertical bar located directly to the left of "Yahoo."
  2. Move the Yahoo Toolbar to your desired location, then release the left mouse button.

Firefox and Internet Explorer

-- If you still don't see certain browser buttons:

  • Toggle "Full Screen" on/off, press F11.
  • Show/hide your toolbar, menu bar, and command bar:
    1. Press and hold Alt + V to open your browser's view menu.
    2. Navigate to View | Toolbars to display the available toolbars for your browser.
    3. Check or uncheck each item to enable or disable it.

  Still unable to see your browser buttons? Check your browsers help section for further assistance: