Protect your computer from viruses

Millions of computers in the U.S. are infected with malicious software, also known as malware. This software can infect your device without you knowing, but you can protect yourself by being aware of the warning signs, taking steps to get rid of viruses, and protecting your device in the future.

Computer virus warning signs

  • You’re locked out of certain settings, files, folders or your entire computer
  • Unknown programs start when you turn on your computer
  • Major slow down of your computer’s performance
  • Mass emails sent from your email account
  • Your security software has been disabled
  • Changes to your homepage
  • Your battery drains quickly
  • Endless pop-us and spam
  • Frequent crashes

Steps you can take to get rid of viruses

Although you can remove viruses on your own, it can be complicated. For a more user-friendly option, install an antivirus software program from a reliable company through a secure website you trust, such as Norton Security Online. Once you've installed the program, follow the steps to scan for viruses, remove viruses, and install security software.

Tips to help protect your device in the future

  • Use a pop-up blocker
  • Never download free software
  • Only download from sites you trust
  • Don't click on unknown links or attachments
  • Install trusted antivirus software, like Norton Security Online, and adjust its settings to update automatically