Avoid common password mistakes

Creating a unique and hard-to-hack password can be difficult at times, but if you are aware of the most common mistakes, you can make a more secure password.

Here is a list of the most common mistakes made when creating passwords:

  • Using less than 10 characters - secure passwords should contain 12-16 characters
  • Putting numbers at the end of your password instead of throughout your password
  • Using pop culture references like "maytheforcebewithyou" or "sk8erboy"
  • Using obvious substitutions for letters like "S@lly123" or "B*bby226"
  • Including your name followed by a one or an exclamation point
  • Using mostly common words like "password", "love" or "hello"
  • Using patterns of letters and/or numbers like "1abc2def3ghi"

If you still need some help, you can use a computer program that generates passwords for you. To add an extra layer of protection on your computer, use a program like LastPass that securely stores all of your online passwords so you can log in with one click.