Contributing to savings circles

All contributions and payouts are automatically processed. Before you can participate in a saving circle, you must link your bank account (which is subject to account verification by our partner, Dwolla) to your Tanda by Yahoo Finance account. Your contributions and payouts are automatically debited from and credited to your linked bank account.

  Enable notifications to get reminders about upcoming contributions or review this information in your circle payout schedule.

How often do I contribute?

How often you contribute depends on the individual circle. Browse and join a circle that has a schedule that works best for you. Contributions are generally due once a month or every two weeks.

Why was my contribution unsuccessful?

A contribution might fail due to a number of reasons such as insufficient funds or a change to your bank account. If the first attempt at a contribution fails, a second attempt is made on the following business day.

If the second attempt at a contribution is not successful, check your bank account to make sure you have sufficient funds or ask your bank if any changes were made. After the second attempt at making a contribution, no further attempts are made, and your contribution is considered missing. For more information on late and missing contributions, please see “What happens if my contribution is late?” below.

What happens if my contribution is late?

You get an email notification if your full contribution amount cannot be debited from your linked bank account on the date your contribution is due, and your contribution is considered late. Each late contribution decreases your trust score by 3 points.

If your contribution cannot be debited from your linked account on the day that your contribution is due, a second attempt to debit your contribution from your linked account is made on the following business day. Your contribution is only considered missing if your contribution is not made after this second attempt.

Members who miss a contribution lose 20 points from their trust score, are removed from the circle, and have their Tanda by Yahoo Finance account suspended.

What if someone in my circle stops contributing?

There's no need to worry. Users who stop making their contributions are removed from your circle. Tanda by Yahoo Finance steps in as a member of the savings circle, covers their contributions, and receives their payouts. Your payouts and contributions are not affected.

How do I leave a circle if I can’t participate anymore?

Fellow members are counting on you, so we hope you stick with your circle.

However, if you must leave a savings circle that has started payments, you can make a request by using Leave Circle in Settings. If you leave a savings circle before making all of your contributions, your unpaid contributions are considered missing, your trust score decreases by 20 points, and your account is suspended.

I had to leave a circle before payout. Do I get my money back?

If you have not yet received your payout, your contributions are automatically refunded.

How long does it take to process my contributions and payouts?

Contributions into your savings circle can take 2-3 business days past the scheduled due date to be withdrawn from your linked bank account. Payouts from a savings circle are deposited into your account in 1-2 business days.

  You must have sufficient funds in your account on the scheduled due dates to start the contribution payment processes.

I have a question about one of my transactions. Who do I contact?

If you have a question about a transaction, tap Send Feedback on the Settings page and let us know how we can help.