Choosing payout positions

Payout positions determine the order that members withdraw their savings from a circle in Tanda by Yahoo Finance. When you're browsing circles, you join a circle by choosing an open position. Your trust score determines what positions are locked from you. As you build your trust score over time, you unlock earlier positions to join.

  If you choose the last open the position, the saving circle starts immediately and money transfers are initiated from everyone's linked bank accounts.

Choose your position to join a circle based on the following:

Early positions: Need your savings soon? Take the total payout early and contribute your savings over the remainder of the circle period. A fee is deducted from the first two positions.

Middle positions: Receive your payout in the middle of the rotation. You contribute part of your savings, get your payout, and contribute the rest later. There aren't any fees and they are a great way to plan for an upcoming expense.

Late position: Contribute to your circle, then collect your payout savings at the end of the rotation. In the last position, you earn a reward for being patient.

All positions are on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on your trust score.