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Restore access to a closed Yahoo Fantasy account

Closing or unmerging (from a partner like Verizon or AT&T) the Yahoo Account account linked to your Yahoo Fantasy team during the current season may cause you to permanently lose access to your league.

Restore access in Private and Custom leagues

If you're unable to reactivate your Yahoo Account because too much time has passed, you’ll need to contact your league's commissioner to have them transfer team ownership to a new Yahoo Account.

If you’re the league commissioner and you close your account, you may permanently lose access to the league and will have to create a new league next season.

Yahoo Sports doesn't interfere with custom league matters and won't restore access to teams that have been locked or contact league commissioners on behalf of locked members.

Restore team access in Cash, Pro, and Public leagues

If you want to get access to your Yahoo Fantasy account back after you’ve closed your Yahoo Account, you’ll need to reactivate the account using a desktop browser.

Act quickly: There's no way to regain access to your Yahoo Fantasy league or team if it's been more than approximately 40 days since you closed your account.