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Get started with Yahoo Protect Premium

Yahoo Protect Premium offers strong protection against online threats through the McAfee Multi Access antivirus, secure storage for your passwords and instant access to them from any device using LastPass Premium, and technical support for your Yahoo account and all of your devices. Get peace of mind knowing your identity and valuable data are protected.

Try Yahoo Protect Premium today and get greater peace of mind knowing your identity and valuable data are protected.

LastPass Premium

LastPass Premium offers a strong password generator, password storage, and auto-fill as well as advanced features like item sharing and emergency access.

McAfee Multi Access

McAfee Multi Access provides real-time protection against dangerous viruses and malware for up to 5 devices. It works on PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, and can help you safely surf the web, shop, share, and socialize online.

Yahoo Assist

24/7 technical support over the phone for just about any device in your house, including computers, tablets, printers, network, smart TVs, and more!

Yahoo Account Pro

24/7 phone support for your Yahoo account, including password and sign-in, email, Yahoo Sports, Search, and Homepage.