Get started with Yahoo Computer Checkup

As your Windows PC adds programs, performs browser searches, and saves new files and folders, a backlog of data beings to build up and slow it down. Yahoo Computer Checkup scans and cleans the fragments of broken and deleted data as well as info stored without your knowledge for a safer, more efficient system.

Clean and optimize

  • Analyze files and get a report on the health and efficiency of your PC.
  • The Game Optimizer feature prioritizes and allocates memory and resources to improve speed.
  • Run a cleaning to defragment files, remove remnant uninstalled programs, and delete temporary files to create storage and minimize junk.

Secure and protect

  • Secure Delete ensures your deleted data is permanently wiped and covered over with randomized data to ensure it is gone for good.
  • Secure Encryptor protects your data by using a password-protected encryption. You can use your password to decrypt the files whenever you need them and re-encrypt them when you’re not.

Backup and recovery

  • Backup Manager regularly creates a copy of your files and folders for safekeeping.
  • Files that have accidentally been deleted can be recovered using the Undelete program.
  • The Driver Updater and Startup Manager features ensure you’re using the latest version of your programs and that they’re only running when you’re using them.