Overview of Yahoo Mail Plus

Yahoo Mail Plus offers a premium email experience on both desktop and mobile. It removes distractions and gives you greater control of your inbox with an ad-free email experience, premium customization options and enhanced security features. You can upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus on iOS, Android, mobile web and desktop.

Upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus now!

Not available in all locales - If the option isn't listed in your account, it's not available at this time.

No Ads!

You’ll no longer have to worry about ads taking space up on your screen or distracting you from what you really came to your inbox to do. Since there are no ads in your inbox, your email will load faster on other Yahoo sites, too!


Stay on top of all your accounts by automatically forwarding your emails to an email address of your choice.

Additional Benefits and Perks

There’s more! Yahoo Mail Plus members also benefit from:
  • Domain blocking - Block domains (the part of the email address after the "@") you don’t want emails from, like retailers you aren’t interested in anymore.
  • Disposable email address - You know those times you’d really rather not provide your actual email address? With Yahoo Mail Plus you won’t have to. Protect your privacy by using a temporary email address that you can delete when you’re done with it.
  • No account expiration - With an active Yahoo Mail Plus subscription, your emails won’t get deleted if there are long periods of email inactivity.
  • Emails to myself - A single-click experience that allows you to view all the emails you've sent to yourself. You'll be able to further organize your emails, photos, and files.