Started Fantasy Football draft after Week 1

If your league is a little late joining the Fantasy Football party, don't worry. Commissioners can change the date the league starts tracking scoring and update team rosters, even after week 1 is over.

For leagues drafting after Week 1

Change "Start League scoring" date

The Commissioner of a Custom League that drafts after Week 1 has started has the option of changing the "start scoring" date from Week 2 to Week 1.

  1. From your Yahoo Fantasy Football league's homepage, click Commissioner.
  2. Click Edit League Settings.
  3. Change the "Start League scoring in:" from Week 2 to Week 1.
  4. Click the Save button.

The league's standings will update overnight to include Week 1 scoring.

Update team rosters

The Commissioner of a Custom League that drafts after Week 1 also has the option of updating rosters for all teams for Week 1 games.

  1. Click Commissioner.
  2. From the "Team Management" section, click Edit Rosters.
  3. For each team, you must select the team name and add players and the appropriate week (Week 1).
  4. To save time, it's recommended that you do this for starting players only, since reserves don't count in scoring. Once all players have been added, repeat the process and select Edit Lineup for each team.

Make sure to check your league settings to confirm that you've selected Week 1 as your start week for scoring.

Week 1 matchups should update shortly after you've completed this process (though processing may happen overnight).