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About the NBA League Pass on the Yahoo Sports app

Don’t miss a minute of live NBA action! NBA League Pass is a subscription service that lets you follow your favorite teams, players, and match-ups even if you're in one city and they're in another. Stream out-of-market (not local) NBA games exclusively through the Yahoo Sports app for Android and iOS on supported smartphones or tablets. We even offer a few games that you can stream for free if you're located in the US.

Games not included in the League Pass

Device and streaming restrictions

  • This subscription only supports streaming from within the Yahoo Sports app.
  • Screencasting, web browsers, and other Oath products aren't supported.
  • The first generation Pixel and Pixel XL are not supported devices.
  • Location services need to be enabled to identify your local market.
  • Only available in the US.

Free games to stream

Whether you've purchased a League Pass or not, you can check out these game weeks:

  • Oct 16 - 23: Early Bird Free Preview
  • Dec 14 - 20: Holiday Offer Free Preview
  • Jan 14 - 20: Half Season Free Preview
  • Feb 1 - 3: Free Preview
  • Feb 24 - 25: Post All Star & Trade deadline Free Preview
  • Mar 14 - 16: Race to Playoffs Free Preview
  • April 5 - 7: Free Preview

It's On Us credits

You also have 8 credits that you can use for eligible single game purchases. Select Use Credit when purchasing a single game to apply 1 credit and unlock the game. You must be signed in to use credits.