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Get started with Smart Contacts

Smart Contacts aggregates your contact info from multiple sources, like your local address book, Google contacts, Yahoo contacts, and Facebook. Rather than having to add and update several contact lists, you can simplify things with this single master source.

Consolidated info

  • All of the combined info from each of your contacts will be housed in one unified profile.
  • If 2 or more sources contain the same contact, Smart Contacts merges them into a single profile, hiding the duplicate info from view.

Enhanced contact profiles

  • Details - View all phone numbers, email addresses, birthdates, and more.
  • Recent interactions - At a glance, see your latest text conversations and call history.
  • Live updates - As your source info gets updated, Smart Contacts will update in real-time.
  • Social updates - With Facebook connected, you'll see the lastest status updates of your contacts.

Profile photos

  • Add a photo - Use contact photos for easy recognition.
  • No photo - If no photos is available, a default avatar is used.
  • Multiple photos - If there are multiple sources to pick from, a prioritized photo is used.

Intuitively organized

  • Favorites - Tap the Favorite icon star above a contact's profile to add it to your priority list.
  • People you contact - Your most used contacts come next, after those you've marked as faves.
  • A to Z - The contacts by letter are prioritized first by the frequency they're used, then alphabetically.