Report abusive draft and matchup recaps in Yahoo Fantasy

Draft and matchup recaps are a fun way to get insight on your draft or matchup by providing a brief summary and graphical based content, powered by ChatGPT. Since draft matchup headlines and summaries are powered by ChatGPT, you may find abusive or insensitive content due to its use of and references to team/league names. If your recap headlines and summaries include any content that may be considered offensive, we strongly encourage you to report it.

Report a recap

  1. Enter your auto-generated recap.
  2. Click the report icon Image of the Abuse Flag icon at the top left of the recap headline.
  3. Confirm that you want to report your recap by clicking Report Recap.
Once reported, your recap headline and summary will be temporarily unavailable until it is reviewed by our abuse team and may be regenerated if necessary.