Recent Activity on Yahoo Shopping

Recent Activity displays the last 60 days of searches that you performed on Yahoo Shopping, as well as the past products and Yahoo Shopping pages that you viewed. Clicking a recent search, recently viewed product, or Yahoo Shopping page will take you to the corresponding search results page or product detail page, respectively.

Yahoo may use your Yahoo Shopping queries and Yahoo Shopping browse history to customize your experiences on Yahoo.

If you'd not like Yahoo to display your Recent Activity, select the Off toggle on the Recent Activity module, and we'll no longer display your recent searches or recently viewed products and Yahoo Shopping pages. To disable Recent Activity, you must allow cookies from Yahoo.

Note – By deleting Yahoo cookies, you may reset your Recent Activity preferences to On. In addition, your Recent Activity preferences will expire 60 days after your last visit to Yahoo Shopping. Please check your settings if you haven't visited Yahoo Shopping within the past 60 days.