Overview of Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping is where you'll find top deals and coupons, content to inspire you and more – exactly what you need to make an informed purchase. Search for the items you want, compare prices and get instant access to merchants where you can complete your purchase.

Browse or search for items

There are several features on Yahoo Shopping that allow you to browse or search for items. From the homepage, scroll down to view the top items in different categories such as electronics, home decor and clothing. Scroll to the bottom to view all of the top categories on Yahoo Shopping. You can also search for individual items and stores to find everything you need.

Use Price Tracker to monitor prices

Price Tracker allows you to monitor prices for items that you select to track. An item’s current price will be compared to the price it was on the date it was added to Price Tracker.

To add an item to Price Tracker, you'll need to be logged in. Click or tap on the Star icon Image of the Star icon. near an item and the star will change color to indicate the item has been added. Once you add an item to Price Tracker, you'll automatically be opted-in to receive email notifications on price decreases for that item.

You can view all of your tracked items in the Price Tracker tab on Yahoo Shopping and you may be able to see individual items from your Price Tracker elsewhere on the Yahoo network. To remove an item from Price Tracker, simply unstar the item.

  Note - If a merchant changes the price of an item throughout the day, this won't be reflected in Price Tracker until the following day. Review our Terms of Service to learn more about Price Tracker.

Manage notifications from Price Tracker

You're in control of the notifications you receive from us. If you no longer want to receive notifications about items you've starred, you can follow these steps.

  1. Go to Yahoo Shopping and sign in.
  2. Click or tap the Price Tracker tab.
  3. Under the product for which you don't want to receive notifications, select Manage alert.
  4. Select a new threshold for the deal you're notified about.
    - Alternatively, select the toggle button next to Notify me to completely disable notifications for that product.
  5. Click or tap Save.

  Note - Unstarring an item will also stop all notifications for that item.

Compare prices across merchants

Don't pay more than you have to! When a product is sold by multiple stores on Yahoo Shopping, the product page shows you where you can get it and for how much. Easily buy what you need at the lowest price.

View deals, coupons and promo codes

Yahoo Shopping helps you find all the best deals!

  1. From the Yahoo Shopping homepage, select the Deals tab.
  2. Click or tap a promotion from the list.
  3. Click or tap Copy & Go and enter the code on the merchant's checkout page. Where no code is required, click or tap Shop now and the discount should be applied by the merchant on the merchant’s page where you can purchase the item.

Prices differ on merchant site

If you see one price on Yahoo Shopping but a different price once you visit the merchant's website, it means that the price of the item changed sometime throughout the day. We update our prices every morning, so the new price won't appear on Yahoo Shopping until the next day.