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Use Season Points scoring in Yahoo Fantasy

Go up against every manager in your Private League to see who can earn the most points by the end of the season. While you're ranked daily, the only time your standings matter is at the end of the season.

Get points based on your active player's performance

Default scoring settings apply to all Public Prize and Free Leagues, as well as Private League's where a Commissioner doesn't adjust any of the settings. See what your league uses by clicking Settings in the "League" tab.

  • Active players earn points each time a tracked stat is achieved.
  • Your points accumulate throughout the season in your team's total.
  • Highest point total at the end of the year wins the league championship.

How ties are broken

  • Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey - Anyone tied for 1st is crowned co-champion.
  • Football - The tied manager who scored the most points in the last game week wins. If there's still a tie, the process continues for each previous week until the tie is broken and someone is crowned champion.